Swimming Bags and Wash Bags for Children

Handmade swimming bags, PE bags, backpacks, wash bags and toy sacks for children

  • All set for starting school?

    Starting reception is a huge step in life, for your child and for you!  Most schools have trial days and hopefully you and your child has already spent some time in their new classroom and met other children and some staff but there are seemingly trivial little things you can do to help your little one settle quickly.

    Step one is preparing yourself emotionally.  It may be a little sad to see your tot growing up and growing away from you but it will help them hugely if you can overcome your anxiety and concentrate on the excitement of this new step.

    Next is to try and make as much of their new life as familiar as possible before they start school.

    Once you have their new uniform wash it all (even though it is brand new)  Smell and feel is vitally important to small children and the comfort of feeling and smelling "right" cannot be underestimated.  Let your child practice putting it on, taking it off and putting PE kit on, all with no help. This includes shoes!

    If they will be taking a packed lunch make them a practice lunch all packed in their new box and let them open it, eat and pack it all way at the end, again with no help.  If this is familiar its one less challenge in what will be a very challenging few weeks for them.

    School timings may require a new schedule.  If possible slip quietly into the new routine  about a week before term, concentrating on regular bedtimes, morning routine, eating meals in line with the school schedule etc.

    Relax, enjoy and be super positive about it all.  Talk through any fears they may have, and talk through with other parents any fears you may have.

    We currently have an early birds sale running on PE bags so why not pick up and fabulous new bag for their PE kit.  You can choose either in a bright and appealing print they can easily find as their own or a plain colour to match their smart new uniform, with their name clearly embroidered on it.

  • New for Christmas

    We are ever searching for fantastic new fabrics to make our swimbags and PE bags from.  This Season I think we have come up trumps with 2 gorgeous new girlie fabrics and a favourite boys print in a different colour - perfect for brothers.

    Girls first - Our new unicorn swim bag is a stunner with incredibly detailed and pretty unicorns frolicking all over it - it certainly deserves a closer look.

    And for the little girl who very definitely does believe in fairies our new fairy swim bag is just magical.  Beautiful little fairies swinging on daisies and sliding down rainbows.  

    Never forgetting the boys of course.  We have a completely new range of both swimbag and washbag featuring racing cars.  A lovely style that won't be quickly outgrown and become just too embarrassing to use. Perfect for any young formula1 fan.

    And finally our ever popular red diggers is now available in blue too.  The personalised versions look stunning side by side

  • Here comes summer!

    Well not quite but the recent lovely sunny spring days have our thoughts turning to summer.  Dreaming of trips to the beach and holidays with swimming pools, sand and sun. And to welcome the summer season we have introduced 2 new fabrics.

    The first is a delightful nautical theme featuring sail boats, lighthouses and anchors.  This is available both as a swim bag and a wash bag.  Both would make perfect gifts to welcome the arrival of newborn boys.

    Our second new range is a gorgeous hearts theme.  Pretty and girlie without being overly pink, and with that bang up to date touch of grey.  This has been made into swim bags, wash bags and also large adult swim bags for older girls.

  • New ranges added

    As we all eagerly look forward to the end of winter - lighter mornings and nights and less grey, dampness we have added some bright new prints to our swimbag ranges.

    princess swim bagEvery little girl is a princess and over the years we have had several princess designs which have always been popular.  This years princess swimbag is I think our best ever - pretty, pink and princessy - what more could you want!

    bird swim bagWelcome spring with our new bird swimbag.  A completely new fabric design to us which won't be "grown out of" quickly.  In the adult size it is quite a hit with teenagers. This design is also available as a personalised bag - perfect for school.

    Butterfly swim bagThere is also a bright new butterfly design to welcome the new season. Personalised versions of this bag will be available very shortly.

  • Choosing your font for personalised PE and swim bags

    Our personalised PE bags and swim bags are extremely popular and I am often asked if I would provide an example of the fonts available, so I thought it would be a good idea to to embroider examples for you.

    Choice of font is a very personal decision but here are few tips to help you



    Red personalised PE bag for childrenArial font is a simple, easy to read block lettering.  It is by far the most popular choice for nursery and starting primary school as it is the font used in school first readers.



    personalised-green-camo-backpack-close-up-nameTimes Roman is a more decorative bolder font, similar to newspaper headlines.  It can look smart and formal and is often chosen for older children.  It looks particularly smart on plain coloured swim and PE bags.  This font also works particularly well for initials all in capital letters.



    personalised cupcake fabric party bagScript font is a fancy joined up handwriting look font.  It is very pretty but can be less easy for very young children to read.  It also does not work very well if you want the name or initials in capital letters.




    Please ensure you take care when entering the name to be sewn when placing your order.  Sometimes, particularly when using tablets and mobile devices, it is not clear when CAPS LOCK has been left on.  The name can then accidentally appear on your order all in capital letters. The name will be sewn as entered so please check.

    If you are still unsure as to what font to choose please contact us.  We can email you computer generated outline images of your chosen name in each font.

  • Reviews

    Do you read reviews of an online company and product reviews before you order? – I know I do.

    Personalised swim bag - blueAll of our customers are asked to review the product they purchased.  We send an email a week or so after the order has been delivered.  Many customers are kind enough to respond, and I know many people looking at our website find what real people have said about each product useful in making their decisions.  And by the way all our reviews are genuine and uncensored!

    We are delighted that all our reviews are so positive – like these:

    “This is my second purchase from Lootybag, I bought two of these bags for my eldest daughter when she started school three years ago and they are still going strong.  I bought this one for school gym and one for school swimming in a different colour, they have been in the washing machine frequently and come out good as new.  Just purchased another two bags for my second daughter for the same reason.  Helps that the shades of blue and gold offered are our school colours too.”

    “Bought as a new PE bag (my son insisted he needed an upgrade when he saw the one I was ordering for his little sister to start reception with!).  He loves it and just the right size.  Turnaround time was staggering - personalised and here within 48 hours of ordering.  Lovely quality - would recommend without hesitation.”

    Occasionally customers post comments that make suggestions on how we might be able to improve our products or service.  We love those! They gets us thinking and can result in changes.  For example a customer commented that it was a pity the swim bags, particularly those with black linings, do not have a write on name tag fitted.  Great idea - so now all our swim bags and PE bags have write on name labels sewn inside.

    So please, good or bad, tell us what you think.  Everyone likes praise so the good comments  make our day and if on the rare occasion you are not totally happy we will sort things out for you very quickly.

  • A behind the scenes video

    Thanks in no small part to the technical know-how of my 11 year old we have made a short video showing how we make our cotton, waterproof lined drawstring swimming bags for children.

    Its on our youtube channel here if you would like to watch it

    This video shows the making of our newest design - the dolphin swimming bag which is proving to be incredibly popular.

  • More new swimming bags for children

    We are celebrating the start of summer and the arrival of the sun here in Shropshire with a couple of fab new swimming bags for children,  we have fallen in love with them. And the best thing is that they can be used as PE bags, rucksacks or backpacks. Perfect for school or nursery.

    The first is a drawstring PE / swimming bag for girls - Unicorn  This has already proven to be such a hit with every princess loving little girl who sees it and I am sure will be hanging on many school pegs in September.  Like all of our PE and swim bags it is in a bright and distinctive print so your little one can easily find their own kit and is tough and strongly made to withstand daily use.

    Dolphin swim bagThe second is a gorgeous unisex design especially for all those young swimmers.  It is a beautiful aqua blue just like of the sea on holidays, and covered in swirling, dancing dolphins.  This drawstring waterproof lined kids swimming bag has a cotton out and waterproof lining so keeps the damp in and is perfect for sewing those hard won swim  badges on to.


  • Toy bags are launched

    pink butterfly toy sack 3Our promised toy sacks are now available on on our website .  Large drawstring sacks, strongly built to swallow a huge pile of toys and make it easy to carry them around the house and store them away.  The draw cords hold everything in and can be used to hang the sack from a hook or bedframe. Perfect to tame a mountain of teddies that cascade out of the cupboard every time the door is open.


    diggers toy sack 2

  • Spring 2016 update

    Spring always brings the drive for new things to go with the new fresh green shoot and fluffy white lambs.

    Here at Lootybag we have lots of new ideas for children's swimming bags, toy sacks and wash bags.


    Very soon to be launched is a range of toy sacks – large fully lined robust drawstring sacks for taming that pile of teddies, heap of blocks or whatever else is scattered across the bedroom floor or spilling out of the cupboards. There will be four striking designs for boys and girls that can be personalised with a name or message. Perhaps a diggers toy sack with “Noah’s diggers and cars” on it might just encourage him to proudly put his toys away at the end of play.



    Our drawstring wash bags introduced last year have been a real hit. Many customers have told us they couldn't find wash bags for children particularly suitable for younger boys so we have added pirate and diggers wash bag to extend the choice of designs for them.

    diggers and trucks wash bag


    The Vintage rose swimming bag reintroduced last year is as popular as ever and following several requests this fabric is now available in the larger size to suit grown-ups and older kids.
    vintage rose swim bag

    If you are a twitter fan follow us @Lootybag.  We post daily about new products, special offers and much much more.



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